Monday, July 23, 2007

Price blitz takes its toll on ordinary Zimbabweans

The recent price hikes by President Mugabe have taken heavy toll on the ordinary Zimbabweans. When president Mugabe and the ruling Zanu Pf party embarked on a price blitz, little did they know how businessman and suppliers would retaliate?Two weeks down the line since the price blitz begun, virtually almost all the shelves in Zim’s retail and wholesale shops have gone empty.

This has left ordinary Zimbos who do not have money to travel to neighboring countries to purchase groceries stranded with no food on their tables.As if that is not enough, President Mugabe is on record threatening to seize all the trading licenses of the shops that have withdrawn goods from the shelves. The reason why retailers and wholesalers have withdrawn all the basic commodities is because they bought these products at ten times the price they are being asked to sell them by Mugabe.

Since the year 2000 the ruling party and President Mugabe has been playing politics of patronage after he fell out with the masses because of the brutal land reforms and repressive press laws. He has developed a tendency of trying to do damage control in vain. After starving the masses he would then start “giving food” in order to alleviate them from the hunger caused by Tony Blair and George Bush!

Since 1980 when he first came to power, Mugabe has never faced the toughest opposition as the Movement for Democratic change (MDC), and this has prompted him to devise various strategies ranging from arresting opposition leaders, torturing journalists and feeding the nation with the Tony Blair and George Bush hogwash. in the country’s urban areas he has totally lost support of the people because that is where the majority of educated Zimbabweans reside. And these are the same people who bear the brunt of Mugabe’s brutal regime.

Mugabe using Zim Electoral Commission to garner support in rural areas

In the latest of President Mugabe’s numerous ways of stifling the opposition MDC’s efforts of winning the upcoming presidential elections in 2008, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is being used to campaign for Zanu Pf in the rural areas.

ZEC has now deviated from its mandate of ensuring the smooth flow of elections in a neutral way and has been going around in the rural areas giving identity documents to the rural masses encouraging them to vote for the ruling party Zanu Pf.
A galloping inflation rate, runaway prices and dwindling forex reserves has seen the ruling party and the president losing support in the urban areas and therefore his strength now lies in the rural areas.

On the 15th of June 2007 ZEC donning Zanu Pf regalia gathered people in Zvimba area and encouraged them to acquire identity documents in order to enable them to register for voting. According to a 37-year-old man (name supplied and withheld for security reasons), the officials registered him without any documentation that is required in order for one to vote. According to the Registrar of Births and deaths Tobaiwa Mudede, a person is supposed to be a citizen of Zimbabwe and must hold a valid Birth certificate in order for them to be able to get an identity document.
But for ZEC officials sent by Mugabe these stipulated requirements can be bypassed at any given time in order for President Mugabe to win elections.This man who has not held an identity document all his life was given one in minutes.“When I got to the registering official I told him that I did not have a birth certificate but he didn’t say anything. Instead he started issuing my id”, said Mr. Tembo (not his real name)

Since 2000 Civic organizations have been pressing for measures that ensure a conducive environment for a free and fair election so as to minimize Mugabe’s chances of rigging. This has seen the emergence for several government related arms such as ZEC, which are being, use to thwart these initiatives.

Tsvangirai- you were betrayed

For the past three months I have been away from home. During this short time, a lot happened in the country that I call home.Bread price rose way above the biggest denomination of money. The price of small candles now cost four times the price of bread. And electricity blackouts are the order of the day.I am talking about a country that was known as the Bread basket of Southern Africa; Zimbabwe.But, that is not all. Morgan Tsvangirai, the name that is synonymous with opposition politics in Zimbabwe, suffered a major setback in his quest to deliver the people from Robert Mugabe. It is well known that some high ranking members of the his party broke away last year in a bid to contest in the senatorial elections.And, now the pro Senate faction has elected some Professor, Aurthur Mutambara, to the post of President. They just fished someone from the diaspora who has not set foot in his homeland for a long time and blessed him with powers to, for instance, lead the people of Zimbabwe.Personally, I have never trusted Welshman Ncube for a long time. I still don't anyway.This is sheer betrayal for Morgan. He is the name that sticks to the MDC label. He is the one who was charged with treason. The one who was called all sorts of names by the state media. And is he not the one who was confined within the borders of Zimbabwe for more that three years? During all this time Authur was probably wining and dining with his friends out there in the diaspora.So Aurthur, why didn't you come during that time. Why didn't Welshman and company call you then? You waited until Zanu Pf had weakened the MDC through wholesale election rigging, a brutal police force and a military back up. Then you emerged from hibernation or from no where. The question is, to do what?To me and many other Zimbabweans, Morgan is the face of the struggle for democracy.And when all is said and done, Zimbabweans cannot be fooled by Welshman or anyone else for that matter. Morgan, aluta continua.Well, I was just thinking about all this because I am now going back home.

Cartoon violence was unwarranted

Four months ago the world saw an eruption of anger, violence and hatred. Anger triggered off by the publication of the muhammad cartoons in a Danish newspaper. But, the big question is why were the Muslims seeking vengeance for Muhammad?Following the whole cartoon debacle, the general conclusion was that the Muslims had far much bigger agenda than the cartoons. In a morden world where human rights are the song of the day, any attempts to gag the press are unwarranted.
Undoubtedly, no one has a right to ridicule Muhammad in any way. In a free world, everyone is entitled to their religion and there is no question about that. But, why apparent violation of human rights would be regarded as the absolute way to seek vengeance for the prophet, the mind bogglesBut, causing multiple deaths, alarm and despondency in the name of religion is totally uncalled for.In order for the Muslims to make a strong case, there is need for tolerance and rationale. This way people will bear with them instead of condenming them.It is in this vein that the Muslims should pray for all those who are persecuting Muhammad to be punished accordingly. By him.