Monday, July 23, 2007

Price blitz takes its toll on ordinary Zimbabweans

The recent price hikes by President Mugabe have taken heavy toll on the ordinary Zimbabweans. When president Mugabe and the ruling Zanu Pf party embarked on a price blitz, little did they know how businessman and suppliers would retaliate?Two weeks down the line since the price blitz begun, virtually almost all the shelves in Zim’s retail and wholesale shops have gone empty.

This has left ordinary Zimbos who do not have money to travel to neighboring countries to purchase groceries stranded with no food on their tables.As if that is not enough, President Mugabe is on record threatening to seize all the trading licenses of the shops that have withdrawn goods from the shelves. The reason why retailers and wholesalers have withdrawn all the basic commodities is because they bought these products at ten times the price they are being asked to sell them by Mugabe.

Since the year 2000 the ruling party and President Mugabe has been playing politics of patronage after he fell out with the masses because of the brutal land reforms and repressive press laws. He has developed a tendency of trying to do damage control in vain. After starving the masses he would then start “giving food” in order to alleviate them from the hunger caused by Tony Blair and George Bush!

Since 1980 when he first came to power, Mugabe has never faced the toughest opposition as the Movement for Democratic change (MDC), and this has prompted him to devise various strategies ranging from arresting opposition leaders, torturing journalists and feeding the nation with the Tony Blair and George Bush hogwash. in the country’s urban areas he has totally lost support of the people because that is where the majority of educated Zimbabweans reside. And these are the same people who bear the brunt of Mugabe’s brutal regime.

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