Monday, January 19, 2015

The Significance of Martin Luther King Jr's Story to Africa in Particular and Humanity in General

Image Courtesy of Us Embassy Harare Facebook page
The life of Martin Luther King Jr should inspire Africans if not humanity as a whole. The period in which it is set, the plot in which it plays out and the outcome all tell a story-line of struggle, hope and defiance but above all faith and courage. All which the humanity of today needs.

A close analysis at Kings story will reveal an unimaginable tale of a strong human being who was able to rise above the prevailing situation and the propensity with which the situation was at that time was not easy and so for him to rise within that context must not only inspire Africans but also teach humanity a lesson. That which you believe in you must stand up for. I was personally inspired by Luther early on in life because having read the history of America and the tales of the slave trade and then reading about a young man standing up in that realm to find a voice and speak out against injustice is the most inspirational and selfless a human being can do for humanity. I am convinced that at that time with what was going on to black people he would have known the risks involved and the perilous outcome of his activism would have been one that he must have thought about and envisaged but that did not deter him.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Can African Leaders March for Girls in Africa: Girls Lives are Human Lives and Need Urgent Attention Too

This is one of the posts I have had to write with tears in my eyes. Its a post in which I am recounting the lives of girls being lost in Africa everyday. The blood being spilled without restraint and not one single African leader stepping up to highlight why they need to march for girls in Africa. All lives are worthy aren't they? The march for freedom of expression by so called world leaders in Paris in solidarity with the French people following the shooting to death of satirical cartoonists got me thinking. Deeply. Can African leaders not actually march for girls lives? Small helpless girls with bombs being strapped around their necks? Can none of them actually stand up and march for girls lives being lost in that brutal way everyday in our motherland.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is Charlie Hebdo Attack Only a Tragedy to Free Expression OR Evidence of The Thin Line Between Satire and Offence

In the wake of the tragedy in Paris, France where the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked and its journalists and cartoonists killed in a military style for publishing cartoons that depicted the Islamic Prophet in a way that incensed Muslims, I ask myself as journalists where do we draw the line between whats satirical and whats offensive? Is freedom expression enough justification to offend other people and keep offending even if they have expressed offence? Is it everyone that appreciates satire and actually ''gets it''?

Dissociation from Regime Change Agenda by Zim Civil Society Akin to Betrayal, Hypocrisy and Deceit

So I read my colleagues in the civil society in Zimbabwe are falling over themselves to deny being part of the regime change agenda. Very interesting! The civil society in Zimbabwe, in my opinion has always been part of a regime change agenda.  One way or the other, directly, indirectly, by default,  by design, by association or by ripple effect. If the civil society in Zimbabwe is denying having been part of a regime change Agenda then this is the kind of hypocrisy that gets us nowhere. What is it that the civil society is so ashamed off?

These denials come after the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute led by Dr Pedzisayi Ruhanya published a policy paper “Priorities for civil society-donors engagement in Zimbabwe.” in which it points out that  civil society in Zimbabwe has been pursuing a regime change agenda.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Random, Sporadic Incidences of Men Being ill Treated by Women Cannot Be Classified as Violence Against Men Nor Equated to Violence Against Women

Women experience more violence than men
photo credit Edinah Masanga
...Lets get that right. One social media conversation caught my eye in which the discussion was about "domestic violence against men by women" and  I was like seriously? My natural reaction at first was to laugh of course. Forgive my ignorance.  I did follow the discussion though and read of men being beaten, men being thrown out of homes and mmm what else? Nothing actually. I didn't see anywhere about men being raped, beaten to death with the same propensity as women.

So, we get random, sporadic incidences of men having responsibility issues and all of a sudden there is violence against men.

Sinking migrants in the Mediterranean sea and questions not being asked

Water, giving and taking life in the 
Mediterranean sea
photo credit Edinah Masanga
Thousands of migrants are sinking in the Mediterranean sea while trying to sail to Europe in search of one or all; peace, security, better lives, fleeing war and persecution. These migrants mostly Africans from countries like Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia and now also from countries like Syria and Iraqi, take the perilous journey across the sea regardless of the danger of sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Their transporters, pirates, are using livestock freighters, cargo ships and other unworthy and creaky boats to overload precious human cargo in exchange for thousands of dollars per head in fares. Reminds me of the movie Pirates of the Carribean. Except in this case the pirates are not hunting for treasure, there is no Hollywood involved, no stars on set, no take two or take three or cut! when things go wrong. It's a matter of life or death.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Swaziland's retrogressive and primitive cultural practices harming fight to end child marriages

King Mswati III. Reuters file photo
Swaziland is one of the countries where human rights are a burning issue. Press freedom is scarce and its cultural traditions are retrogressive especially for girls rights. Case in point being the reed dance which is performed annually in which King Mswati chooses a ''virgin'' as his next wife. Currently, he has fifteen wives.
The reed dance is one of the most dangerous practices which not only exposes girls to abuse but diminishes their value as anything more than sex objects. The parading of girls like commodities is a medieval practice which needs to be ditched in this era of civilisation.

Open Letter to the Zimbabwean Government from a bruised, battered and torn woman

2015 arrived three days ago. A whole new year. Its supposed to be a new beginning right? But as a woman and as a citizen of Zimbabwe I ask myself is there anything new about 2015, especially for us the low class? Is there even a beginning to talk about?

When the new year arrived we were in foreign lands as is "new