Friday, March 20, 2015

Reforms to prevent electoral theft critical before MDCT can take part in any Zim election

Edinah Masanga writes
her personal capacity.
The past weeks have seen nothing but turmoil in Zimbabwe; political activist Itai Dzamara was abducted ,street demonstrations rocked Harare city centre, university lecturers downed tools, students took to the streets, University of Zimbabwe closed and reopened, there was a dramatic jailbreak at Chikurubi, bank closures, deepening and irreversible factionalism in Zanu Pf, and lastly the big one, the decision to honour MDCT request to expel Biti and company formerly MDCT parliamentarians from parliament. 

The major question which has the political community talking is whether or not MDCT should participate in the by elections. Of course me being me I have to add my voice to the diverse opinions and theories doing rounds.

All things being equal you would think the current situation in the country would secure the opposition parties victory, what with the economy screaming, public servants going many months without pay, industries closing and the economy plummeting further down. Obviously what sustained the current regime in 2008 will not today because the economy doesn't have local currency. Gono can't print more money. These are turnaround factors and the MDCT would be blind not to consider them when deciding to or not to participate in by-elections.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Zimbabwe politics nothing but a man made disaster

Zimbabwe Flag. Where is Zim pride
February was an intriguing month in Zimbabwean politics. President's Mugabe's much talked about birthday was abound, as usual, on the Zimbabwean February calendar and was celebrated in pomp and fanfare. As expected. Now, I know many will agree with me that the President has a right to celebrate his birthday just like anyone else. Well, except he is not just anyone else. He is the President of Zimbabwe. He leads that country. In principle, in policy and of course by example. Now having said that, its only natural that as citizens we look up to the President for good practice in everything.

The President cannot say don't emulate this, emulate that. He took an oath to serve and everything he does is looked upon by Zimbabweans as exemplary. Now I know that it is illegal to kill wild animals for the purposes of consumption in Zimbabwe. Well at least for most of the ordinary Zimbabweans who cannot afford to acquire hunting concessions from the government. Most people who live in the rural areas do not own livestock and live far below the poverty datum line. Therefore sometimes they have to rely on hunting game animals for meat. But they get hunted by the wildlife and parks police and if caught they face severe fines or jail. Mostly jail. Well, I am trying to paint a picture for you to see here. If an ordinary person (read starving person) kills any form of wild animal for consumption they get in serious trouble. But these are people in genuine need for food. Starving and undernourished folks who do need the meat.