Monday, August 31, 2015

Grace Mugabe's stance on child marriages is both simplistic and dangerous

Grace Mugabe. pic
First lady Grace Mugabe's lambasting of child rapists and recommending them to seek sex workers since sex work is now ''legal'', boggles the mind. It is mind boggling that Grace Mugabe, who is expected to champion women's empowerment, could loudly proclaim the legalisation of sex work as if it is something to be proud of. It is devastatingly obvious that (if) sex work had to be legalised it is because of the high numbers of women who have nothing to make a survival from except their own bodies. Therefore for Grace to add insult to injury by forwarding rapists to them is surely in direct conflict with the empower and employ mantra that Zanu Pf has been selling since the last election. Grace Mugabe made these proclamations at a rally in Binga as was reported by Newsday, a local paper.

A rapist is a rapist period. He is not going to abandon his rapist ways just because he is with a commercial sex worker. There are many cases of sex workers who get raped and denied payment and if only the police could really protect sex workers many of these culprits could be brought to book. If Grace Mugabe truly cares about girls she can start by advocating for their parents not to be chased out of their profitable vending areas to useless out of the city designated points. That is where we expect the First lady to show her muscle. In meaningful issues of survival. Otherwise, the girls will continue being raped if their parents return home late because they are trying to salvage what few customers they can get late into the night at those in-the-wilderness vending points that were introduced by government.