Thursday, April 30, 2015

Civil servants are a key pawn in the politics of Zimbabwe

H.E. Mugabe. photo credit
I had hoped to write about women's issues this week but unfortunately the discord between President Mugabe and his ministers just sucks. And it sucked me in too.
The executive government of Zimbabwe, meaning the president and his ministers, has unequivocally been relegated to a chicken and egg debate. Which is which?

How is it that the President was not informed about the now reversed temporary scrapping of civil servants bonuses? Is he not supposed to sanction such high level decisions first? My mind is littered with questions. And I am also embarrassed.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

In his quest for peace, Nelson Mandela helped gate-keep apartheid legacies in South Africa

Madiba. photo credit SABC
South Africa is burning at the moment. Strife and instability in their universities while foreigners are being burnt alive. Black South Africans are at the moment a melting pot of seething anger, bitterness and desperation. They want answers. They are desperate to blame someone, something for their woes. Foreigners are an easy target to terrorize and take out their anger on.

But in reality, (poor) South Africans have only one man to blame. The late Nelson Mandela. In my opinion Mandela, in his quest for peace, helped reinforce and gate-keep apartheid legacies in South Africa. My opinion is derived from both my intellectual wealth but also a close look at Nelson Mandela before and after prison.
Before he is sent to prison we see an outspoken, vibrant and energetic young man who is prepared to dislodge apartheid at all cost. He begins his journey with peaceful citizens meetings and demonstrations. But the apartheid government does not budge and ignore all these efforts by black South Africans to engage peacefully.